3 STEPS of How to Clean Your AirPods


Tips From iTechCase 


The earbuds are the most sensitive part of the AirPods, so they require the utmost care and attention. Avoid putting too much pressure on the speaker grille. Over-cleaning will only push dirt deeper into the earbuds and may even cause the speaker grille to fall off altogether.

You can follow Apple's advice and use a soft cloth to clean the outside of your earbuds. If you have any discoloration or stubborn dirt, you can wet the cloth a bit and try again. Don't forget to clean the sensor either. As per Apple's recommendation, you can try cleaning them with a cotton swab first. If that doesn't work, though, you may have the most success cleaning with a sharp, pointed object like a toothpick (avoid using metal objects that cause scratches). Use the pointy end to gradually scrape away wax and dirt from the speaker grill. Again, be careful not to apply too much pressure, but you should be able to scrape any dirt out easily.

You can also gently dip a cotton swab into the alcohol and any excess will evaporate within a few minutes.



The charging case for your AirPods is probably as gross as the earbuds. The area around the hinges is notoriously difficult to clean.

We recommend that you clean the charging case with a medium or stiff-bristled toothbrush, as this is the only way to get deep into the hinge area. You may want to moisten the brush to remove the really stubborn stuff.

Due to the constant compression caused when opening and closing the case, you may find it almost impossible to remove some of the dirt. If a damp cloth or toothbrush doesn't work, get out a cotton swab and spray some alcohol (never spray alcohol or water directly on the case). Use the cotton swab to wipe over the area to remove the grime. Be patient, this may take some time.



Finally, don’t neglect the Lightning port on the bottom of the charging case. 

There are also charging contacts inside the Lightning port you could damage, so don’t use too much pressure.


Finally, avoid submerging your AirPods in water, even if you have the water-resistant AirPods Pro. Even an accidental dunk will likely spell disaster for your AirPods since they’re always on when you take them out of the case.

Remember to wear your AirPods case to protect against surface scratches and stains!


The Apple Method

Apple recommends you use a “soft, dry, lint-free cloth” to clean your AirPods, and a “dry cotton swab” to clean any gunk out of the speaker mesh. The instructions remind you that AirPods and AirPods Pro aren’t waterproof, (AirPods Pro are merely water-resistant to a certain degree).