Apple AirPods Pro Review

A short review

AirPods Pro was released on October 30, 2019. It uses the same H1 chip in the second-generation AirPods, but adds active noise cancellation, IPX4 water resistance, a charging case with wireless charging, and replaceable silicone earbuds.

As a long-term Apple user, Apple's AirPods do the best job of adapting to your equipments. Its unique design fits your ears perfectly, and the three audio modes (transparent, noise canceling, and normal) are perfectly suited to most everyday situations. At $249, it's a bit pricey, but it's truly one of the most irreplaceable products on the market right now.


Dolby Atmos

The sound quality of the AirPods Pro is significantly improved compared to previous generations. It comes with a noise canceling mode that allows users to experience the most immersive music experience anywhere, anytime. Dolby mode is a new feature of the AirPods Pro that tracks the movement of your head and your device to ensure that audio always seems to originate from the right place. This feature allows the tiny AirPods to deliver a cinema-quality experience to the user.


Active Noise Cancellation

An active noise-canceling headphones noise reduction effect is achieved by two parts: active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. Passive noise cancellation is the physical reduction of noise after the earbuds block the ear, which is easier to achieve with noise-cancelling headphones, while AirPods, the kind of semi-in-ear headphones, will miss a lot of noise because they don't fit perfectly into the ear canal, which is why noise-cancelling earbuds must be made into an in-ear type. Active noise cancellation works by picking up external noises that enter the ear and then playing sound waves that are opposite to those noises to cancel out the noise.

Here are my personal experiences with the AirPods Pro:

On a subway commute, the AirPods Pro can filter out most of the sounds of the subway running and still retain notifications from the radio voice over. The roar of an airplane's engine is also filtered out for the most part, and if music is playing it's almost completely inaudible. The noise from the air conditioner in the office was almost completely eliminated and I was able to concentrate on my writing. The AirPods Pro did perform very well against the constant low frequency noise.


Transparency Mode

When you need to make a brief connection with the cruel world, press and hold the force sensor on the headphone's handle to turn it on transparent mode, and it will pick up the sounds of the outside world and transmit them to you, even more clearly than if you weren't wearing headphones. Make your headphones become "transparent", even if you wear headphones will also be as if not wearing, in conversation with others will not make their own voice sounds very strange. While some noise-canceling headphones have an ambient sound mode, they're not at all as natural and comfortable as Apple's.